Bait And Switch

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Sarah was tired of going to the old D/s clubs, so decided to go another place alone tonight. Little did she know, she would be meeting with a rich skillful master of the belt.

But what happens when her roommate arrives home early? Only time will tell...

Adults Only, 18+. Contains explicit scenes of bondage, bdsm, spanking and fucking.

Caught By Daddy

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Angie remembers getting a hard spanking from her step-dad when she was younger once, but never as an adult. Now, she thinks he is on his way to work while she is busy taking care of her sexual needs. She doesn't realize he is watching her and is planning on teaching her some valuable lessons.

Adults only, 18+. Family sex, step daddy, step daughter, anal sex, spanking, masturbation, erotica. 

Hot Daddy Cop 2

Continuing the Hot Daddy Cop series comes the next hot story which is even hotter than the first.  Karmen gets a nice surprise when Daddy's partner gets involved in her discipline when she is caught driving intoxicated. 

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Karmen can't seem to stay out of trouble. This time, her daddy's partner stops her for drunk driving. Instead of being taken to jail, Karmen is brought home where her daddy and partner make sure she never does something this stupid again.

Afterward being punished, Karmen makes sure to thank Officer Jerry for not taking her to jail.

Adults only, 18+. Explicit sexual content containing harsh spankings, oral sex, anal sex, daddy sex and threesomes.


Sailing With Daddy

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Mandi was looking forward to getting some sun on the deck half naked when her step daddy tells her she needs to behave and act decent in front of him.

After she catches him down below jacking off, she decides to turn the tables by blackmailing her daddy into teaching her how experienced men please their women.

He only consents because she holds all the cards to his livelihood.

Hot Daddy Cop

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I have a thing for men in uniform.  I also have a thing for guys that know how to use their power effectively to subdue naughty girls of all ages.

Hot Daddy Cop combines a fantasy of being pulled over by a sexy older cop and given the option of a ticket or a bottom warming.  Of course, I would always choose a bottom warming.

Karmen's mother runs off with another guy leaving her 18 year old daughter with her step-daddy who is also a local cop.

After Karmen gets pulled over by her step-father cop and chooses a bottom warming instead of a speeding ticket, Karmen reveals to him just how sexy she thinks he is. After which he shows her his real nightstick.

Adults only, 18+. Pseudo-incest, step-father/step-daughter sex, spanking, m/f spanking, older man younger woman, family sex.

Fantasy Tales - Chloe's Fantasy - Gangbang

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This is one of the many fantasies I have had in the past, and I thought it would make a great story.  I love the idea of having someone I trust make it happen.  Being blindfolded and being taken by multiple men is a huge fantasy of a lot of women.

Not knowing who the men are or what they look like.  Not knowing what will happen next.  It only enhances the experience.

Chloe and Adam had great sex. But Chloe had a fantasy that she wanted to be captured and gangbanged by Adam's buddies. After sharing her fantasy, Adam promised to make it come true.

Adults only, 18+. Contains explicit scenes containing bondage, multiple men with one woman, anal sex, intercourse, double penetration, and gangbang.